Terrytown water tower comes down

TERRYTOWN – The Terrytown Water Tower was dismantled and removed on April 29. The decision to remove the tower due to high maintenance costs was made in May 2020.

The water tower was originally built to provide water service to the town. Since then, the tower has become a landmark for the community. Mike Minzey, Terrytown City Council member, said, “That is the last thing that I can find, that I can spot, that relates to Terry Carpenter.”

The decision was part of the Terrytown’s water project. Jeni Mattern, Office Manager and City Clerk of Terrytown, said, “This was part of the water project. When the meters were put in, when they proposed for the new meters, part of the project at the final phase was to decide whether or not they were going to keep or take the water tower down.”

The water tower has been on the agenda for about two years, and it was decided that the cost of maintenance, even as a historical landmark, would be too much. “We have some pretty upset people about it, but unfortunately, this is the best financial move for the council to approve,” said Mattern. Minzey stated that the vote to remove the tower was 4-1. The city will be keeping the plaque from the tower. There is nothing being planned to occupy the tower’s former location currently.



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