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Nebraska project goal improved land-use efficiency

A University of Nebraska-Lincoln research team will investigate how to improve land use efficiency through the integration of livestock and crop production systems.

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Things in the night . . .

There’ll be ghoulies and ghosties and things in the night that go bump across the state next month as Nebraska State Parks hosts a series of fun, Halloween-themed events.

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Food knowledge is key to diet health

For most Americans eating is just something we do several times a day. We have regular mealtimes, we eat when we get hungry, and quite often our dining is a social or family activity.

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New cookbooks in series available free

Cooking It Up! Diabetes-Healthy Recipes Everyone Will Love presents 86 recipes from sloppy chili Joe and sweet potato biscuits to fudge, fruit sundaes and strawberry cinnamon French toast.

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Salmonella vaccine reduces animal disease, food-borne illness

Some types of Salmonella cause disease in food animals, like pigs. Others cause foodborne illness in humans.

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