• Wellness theme of Western Nebraska Early Childhood Conference

    Wellness is the theme of the 2018 Western Nebraska Early Childhood Conference, scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 6, in Scottsbluff.

  • Bulletin explains grass-legume system benefits

    Adopting grass-legume systems instead of only legumes or only grasses can improve overall productivity and profitability, according to research published in a new bulletin from the University of Wyoming Extension.

  • Groups urge Trump to restore integrity to RFS, allow year-round E15 sales

    In a letter to President Trump today, the American Farm Bureau Federation, National Corn Growers Association, National Farmers Union, National Sorghum Producers, American Coalition for Ethanol, Growth Energy, and Renewable Fuels Association urged the administration to act immediately to restore the integrity of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) and allow year-round sales of E15 and other mid-level ethanol blends.

  • The Harvest Dance

    Every year around this time a phenomenon takes place.

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Nebraska project goal improved land-use efficiency

A University of Nebraska-Lincoln research team will investigate how to improve land use efficiency through the integration of livestock and crop production systems.

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