Super Bowl Trivia

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It’s Super Bowl time.
For some people, this is a really big deal. They know the teams and the players and the records and the odds. For others, it’s just a great time to get together, eat a lot and see some great commercials. And for still others it’s a good time to find something else to do.
But no matter how you feel about the Super Bowl, you have to admit it is part of our national culture. No other country on earth celebrates football – real American football – like we do.
If you plan to go to a Super Bowl party, you only need two things. You need to know who’s playing and you need to bring food. But if you really want to impress everybody, you should know some Super Bowl trivia. So, even though this is a farm newspaper, this is your lucky day. Here are some great facts about the Big Game that you might not know:
■ The Pittsburg Steelers have the most Super Bowl wins, with six. The 49ers, Cowboys and New England Patriots each have five.
■ Tickets for this year’s game cost at least $3,200 apiece. Tickets for the very first Super Bowl were $12.
■ The great Joe Montana not only won all four of his Super Bowl appearances, he did it without throwing a single interception.
■ Peyton Manning is the only starting quarterback to win a Super Bowl with two different teams: the Indianapolis Colts in 2007 and the Denver Broncos in 2016.
■ Chuck Howley of the Cowboys was the only player ever named MVP after playing for the losing team.
■ Super Bowl XXXIX (39) was played in Jacksonville, Fla. But the city didn’t have enough hotel rooms, so they recruited five luxury cruise ships to serve as floating hotels.
■ Just before the second half kickoff in Super Bowl 44 a man disguised as a referee stripped down to his underwear and streaked across the field.  He was clobbered by a Patriots linebacker, which is probably why nobody else has tried it.  You can see this on YouTube.
■ The Cleveland Browns are the only NFL team that has never made it to the big game.
■ As Don Shula was being carried off the field after the Dolphins’ win in 1973, a fan reached up to shake his hand – and stole his watch.
■ The coin that was flipped to start Super Bowl XLIV (44) had just spent 11 days orbiting the Earth on a NASA space mission.
So, there you go. Now you have all the trivia you need to look extra smart at the Super Bowl party. Now all you need is guacamole.
Oh, and you probably should know who’s playing.


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