Strong roots run deep

SCOTTSBLUFF—Strong roots run deep. This couldn’t be more true for Kethera Moran, owner and grower at Jane’s Greenhouse.

Jane’s Greenhouse opened for business in 1983 with Kethera’s mother, Jane Moran, at the helm.

“So, Jane’s Greenhouse was started by my mom. In 1983, she built the greenhouse from the ground up,” said Moran. “My mom really ran this by herself for the first 30 some years. And so, this is year 38.”

The business is built on old family homestead land and it has been in the family for over 100 years. Her grandmother had an orchard the family used to have picnics in on Sundays. 

“There’s metaphorically, literally, there’s a lot of roots here for me in the valley, and I love it,” she said.

For Kethera, the greenhouse has always been a second home. Moran’s first job was at the greenhouse stacking boxes and helping carry plants out to customers’ cars.

“It didn’t feel like work to me. I honestly would take vacations from my paid jobs, to come here and work for my mom for free because I just really loved it so much,” Moran said. 

When Kethera’s mother retired, taking over the business seemed like the obvious choice. Moran said that her mother let her put her handprint in the cement at the greenhouse.

“It was kind of in the cement before any of us had any inkling that I was going to end up taking over,” said Moran. “The thought of this not being here and in Scottsbluff kind of made me sad.” 

Kethera said her mother still helps at the greenhouse.

Jane’s Greenhouse is only open seasonally. During the off-season, Kethera spends her time at trial gardens in Wyoming and Colorado. She uses this time to research new plant varieties and see how certain plants grow in different conditions. She tries to bring in plants that survive in the regional environment.

Moran also tries to pick good genetics. 

“For me. It’s not just about the bloom, but the whole plant and how it looks once it’s mature. Things can impress you by just blooms and the plant isn’t that strong,” Moran said.

Moran also uses a professional growers mix soil for the plants because it is high in organic material.

Moran’s day usually begins around four in the morning and she goes home around six every day while the greenhouse is open. 

“When the greenhouses are full, it takes me three and a half to four hours to water, everything. And so, I can tell how much I sold by how long it takes me to water in the morning,” Moran said.

Moran mentioned her biggest challenge is the weather. 

“Every year is different,” Moran said. “We’ve lost we lost the entire perennial house one spring because it dropped down to 16 degrees.”

Jane’s Greenhouse not only produces a wide variety of flowers, but they also raise produce plants. Tomatoes, peppers, squash, pumpkins, and cantaloupe are just a few of the produce options that are available. Flower options include pansies, geraniums, petunias, angelonea, and moss rose. Oregano is another option that is available.

Moran is a fan of sharing growing tips with customers. She has done themed openings where patrons can dress up and learn while having fun. Her favorite number one tip is about tomatoes. 

“Planting your tomato deep, so it can root off the stem, protects the plant from being beat up by the wind,” said Moran. “More root means more fruit.”

Moran loves what she does. “I have lots of people who come back every year and tell me how beautiful all of the plants are. And that that means more to me than anything else,” said Moran. 

Jane’s Greenhouse houses two greenhouses and one outdoor garden. It is located at 200856 City Route Road just west of Westway Christian Church and can be reached at 308-765-3071.


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