Gara Hemp crop moving forward

GOSHEN COUNTY – “I’m ecstatic,” said Ervin Gara, a farmer who has been operating an experimental hemp grow operation at his farm south of Torrington. 

Gara received word from Justin Loeffler, operator of ‘GreenTree Ag,’ the state’s tetrahydrocannabinol test of his hemp crop came back within legal limits. Gara began cutting the hemp crop on Monday, Sept. 14, as it was delayed by rainfall the Friday before. 

“We had some problems cutting the crop and we are still learning, so we are going to try a different avenue,” Gara said. “We tried using my swather, but the hemp stocks were too long and wrapped around my conditioner.”

Gara and Loeffler were at Gara’s farm Monday, Sept. 21, to make a new attempt at cutting the crop. David Cronk, owner of Goshen Diesel Service, in Torrington operated a John Deere tractor with a sickle mower to cut the hemp stalks. It was clear some fine-tuning was going to be required with the mower, but the stalks were coming down. 

“After the stalks have dried, they will be baled,” said Gara. “I think we are going to try and put it into large square bales. We have to wait about seven to ten days, but then it will be dry enough to be baled. We then plan to send it several places to be processed further.” 

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