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There used to be a commercial on television that claimed, “Butter never claimed to taste like margarine.” 

It was a good one, and very true.

Nowadays, everybody is worried about the food they eat. They are so worried, they often buy fake food, thinking it’s better than real food. 

For example, I just read an article about fake foods. Did you know that Extra Virgin Olive Oil, if it’s cheap, usually has a bunch of things like peanut and soybean oil in it? If you want pure Extra Virgin Olive oil, you are going to have to pay for it. 

Same goes for Parmesan cheese. Actual, real, true-to-life Parmesan cheese is pricey stuff that comes from Parma, Italy. The stuff we shake on our spaghetti is just cheaper cheese that sort of tastes kind of like Parmesan. This is fine for those of us who don’t know the difference. But, if you want real Parmesan cheese, get out your wallet.

According to this article, juices can be fake too. Apple juice is much cheaper than things like pomegranate or blueberry, so most juices have lots of apple juice in them and just a teeny amount of the expensive stuff. And lest you think, “That’s okay, I like apple juice,” the article said the vast majority of apple juice sold in the US is from Chinese-made concentrate, which often contains banned pesticides and other chemicals.

So, in a world full of fake food, it’s nice to know that American farmers and ranchers turn out one of the best real foods there ever was – meat. Beef, pork, lamb…it’s all delicious and super good for you, and by eating it you’re supporting some of the nicest people around.

But people who will eat fake cheese, olive oil and apple juice throw a fit about eating meat. Trying to eat healthier, they end up getting sick. If you ask me, we need to get the word out that meat is real food. It’s real, it’s natural and it’s healthy. 

And for those who object to meat because it comes from animals, I say if God hadn’t wanted us to eat animals, He wouldn’t have made them out of meat.

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