All-Natural Headach Remedies

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There are a lot of buzzwords these days, and many of them are kind of misleading. “All natural” is one of these. Supposedly, “all natural” things are superior to things that are not, as if mankind tampering with anything is a bad thing.

However, this is simply not true. Polio is all natural. Tornadoes are all natural. Simply put, all natural is not always all great.

Another example of this is from an article from a hundred years ago. It listed several, all-natural remedies for headaches. If you still think all natural is a superior way to go, take a look at this:

All-Natural Headache Remedies

1. Put leeches on your forehead. No matter how bad your day was, it won’t seem that bad after putting leeches on your forehead.

2. Rub cow dung and molasses on your temples. Crowds getting to you? People getting you down? Do this and nobody will go near you for days…maybe for weeks.

3. Tie a buzzard’s head around your neck. Ever feel sick, but not sick enough to skip work? Do this and you will definitely feel sick enough to skip work.

4. Lean your head against a tree and have someone else drive a nail into the opposite side of the tree. This seems like it would defeat the purpose, but if you’ve ever had a migraine, you might be desperate enough to try it.

5. Soak your feet in hot water to draw blood from your head. This may not help your headache but your feet will thank you.

6. Put a buckwheat cake on your head. Buckwheat cakes are, of course, pancakes. It’s hard to believe that wearing a pancake could actually help a headache, but it might look goofy enough to be funny and laughter is good for your health.

So you see that “all natural” is not always good and man-made is not always bad. The best thing about living in our modern, man-made age is that, when you have a headache you don’t have to find a buzzard’s head. Just take a pill.