It’s snowing in England.... more


Cold Feet

Yer lookin’ at a feller with no tennis shoes, a ’76 GMC pickup, an outhouse and a learning permit for a cell phone.... more


Tax reform moves forward

Simplifying our broken tax system is no easy task, but we know Americans need relief. ... more

Fences, gates and hunters

A very long time ago I took a mandatory hunter safety course in school. It was obviously a very long time ago, for such a thing is no longer possible in today’s school systems. Back then, hunter safety was part of the curriculum in junior high physical education.... more


Veterans Day

This weekend we celebrate Veterans Day, arguably the most important holiday we have. Our military vets should be honored, celebrated and fed a good steak, and not just on Veterans Day. ... more


Moose Alert

Many of the animals rights groups give awards to citizens who perform good deeds on behalf of animals.... more


Thank you, veterans, for answering the call

When the calendar flips to November, it is inspiring to see communities throughout the Third District host ceremonies and parades to honor the Nebraskans who have served our country. ... more


A Veterans Day message

And so another Veterans Day has come. Tomorrow (Saturday) will be Nov. 11.... more


A fickle month

November is a strange month. It has a lot of good things going for it, such as Thanksgiving, but it also has some things going against it, such as the first taste of winter. ... more


The Supersalesman

Slicker’n deer guts on a doorstep.... more


Trump administration better for biofuels

As we approach the holiday season, many Nebraskans are planning their travels. Increased fuel demand is a reminder of how important it is for our country to utilize every available energy source, as more choices for consumers typically lead to lower costs.... more


Rumination and other bovine thoughts

If you’ve ever owned or worked around cattle, you’ve probably had occasion to wonder what they’re thinking.... more


Eat your bacon

You just can’t believe anything you read these days. Recently I read two headlines in the same day. ... more


Festus and Coon

Doc had escaped his busy Omaha practice and met his friend Stevo west of Eustace for a little sport. “Ever hunted coon on one of these?” Doc asked as he jumped two mules outta the back of his pickup stock racks.... more


Reminders of Reagan on tax reform

As our united effort to overhaul the tax code continues this fall, we are reminded of what took place 31 years ago when President Ronald Reagan signed the last comprehensive tax reform bill into law on October 22, 1986.... more

Cow-calf commentary: The idiot stick

In Audie Murphy’s WWII memoir, To Hell and Back, he recounts the story of a working party of soldiers sent out into no-man’s land in the middle of the night to bury a couple of dead cows.... more

Cow-calf commentary: Shipping calves

As the sun rose on Sunday morning I was gathering cattle and heading them toward the home place corrals.... more


Scary Things

Halloween is coming up and recently I just read an interesting story about the scariest things on earth. These are some of the top things that people are scared of.... more


Wanted: Cowboy

WANTED: Cowboy. No TV, No phone. If you don’t like dogs and can’t tough it in the mountains, don’t apply - Alamo, Nevada.... more


Assistance for seniors with Medicare choices

Medicare open enrollment runs from Oct. 15 through Dec. 7, during which time seniors have the opportunity to review Medicare Advantage and/or Part D prescription drug plans to ensure their current selections still meet their needs or to enroll for the first time.... more


Aliens in Wyoming

I just read a story that is a warning to us all. ... more


Budget Passage Paves the Way for Tax Reform

We cannot continue to kick the can down the road on our national debt. It now exceeds $20 trillion, which equates to more than $60,000 for every American citizen. In the last eight years alone, the debt swelled by $9 trillion.... more

Day and night

I don’t remember exactly how old I was, perhaps eight or nine, but I do remember the moment I realized that I didn’t have to be afraid of the dark.... more


Political Correctness

It’s coming. Political Correctness in the Animal Kingdom.... more


Focusing on the Future

There is not enough long-term thinking in Congress. With tax reform, we can and must change this mentality. Focusing on the future will deliver more economic growth and greater opportunity for generations to come.... more

Now and then

A couple of weeks ago an aunt and uncle visited. ... more


Fun football facts

Read the following list and see if you can figure out what these words have in common. ... more


Dog Days In The Feedlot

Well, it’s dog days in the feedlot. ... more


American leadership on North Korea

As North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un issues more threats against the United States, President Trump’s executive order targeting North Korea’s trading partners is a meaningful step to ramp up the pressure on this dangerous regime.... more

Asking the “Why?” questions

One of my friends asked me the other day, more or less out of the blue, “Why are there scorpions?”... more


Play it safe during harvest

Next week, Sept. 17-23, is National Farm Safety Week. This is good because there are lots of ways to get hurt on a farm. Tractor rollovers, grain suffocation, deadly fumes, goring, electrocution and heatstroke are just a few. ... more


Real results on empowering families

To empower more Americans to lift themselves out of poverty, we need to measure the effectiveness of our welfare programs and focus resources on those producing real results. ... more

A pleasant surprise, it’s chokecherry time

The chokecherries were ready.... more


Other September harvests

Well, harvest time is upon us again. ... more


The Yellow Ribbon

The woman stood in line.... more

Summer season draws to a close

On average we see first frost around Sept.15 on the ranch.... more


Conversations with old farmers

This year marks the 150th anniversary of Nebraska becoming a state.... more



Let’s say a busload of Brazillian soccer players came by your place one fine fall afternoon unexpected and took you on a three-day road trip. ... more


Committee deals with accountability in Congress

On the Ways and Means Committee, I have the opportunity to work directly on growing our economy, creating jobs, and reforming our tax code. I am eager to continue this work, especially as we take on tax reform this fall. ... more

Cow-calf commentary: Goose Summer memories

Goose Summer is a nearly forgotten concept, and that seems a bit ironic when you consider that the term gave us English-speaking folks the word gossamer. ... more


A new kind of cool

I just read a very interesting article about the new rage in pickups. ... more


The Pig Brigade

If you saw the total eclipse recently you know it was everything they hyped it to be. ... more


NAFTA talks must prioritize U.S. agriculture

Talks began in Washington, D.C., on August 16 among trade officials from the United States, Canada, and Mexico on modernizing the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). ... more

Cow-calf commentary: Eclipse – the day

I have a pretty distinct memory of the last solar eclipse we had, way back in May, 1994.... more