I’m giving you fair warning!... more



Like a good boy I subscribed my mother to one of the papers that carries my column.... more


World won’t wait for U.S. to lead on trade

Nebraska beef is once again being sold in China after the Trump administration negotiated an end to a 14-year ban. ... more

Helping hands

I had a lot of fencing work scheduled last Thursday but it wasn’t to be. Well, actually, some of it was, but only little bits and pieces.... more


Don't forget to smile

If you’re in agriculture, this is a busy time of year.... more



Piojos! Lice! The biting kind. You see ‘em everywhere;... more


Tips for summer travelers

For many Nebraskans, summer means a long-awaited vacation. If you will be leaving the country, your passport should be your first priority.... more

Taking time to appreciate the little things

As I go about my daily chores I tend to focus on tasks at hand. In doing so I’m mostly looking at problems and trying to figure out solutions. ... more


Lasagna awareness

July is many things, it’s summertime, it’s hot, and there are lots of fun and silly things to do and celebrate.... more


White Oaks Rodeo

The Fourth of July weekend means different things to different people. ... more


Happy Independence Day

The U.S. Capitol is an iconic symbol of freedom. ... more

Fill ‘er up, please

The last time I checked, U.S. farmers averaged something like 55 years of age. That being the case, most of the folks who read this will understand what the title refers to.... more



Independence Day is a great holiday. ... more


Balin' Wheat

Early one summer morning, J.T. loaded his good dog, Sam, and headed down to the wheat field. It had been cut and he planned on balin’ some wheat straw as long as it still held the dew.... more


Exploring President Trump’s trade agenda

When U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer appeared before the Ways and Means Committee on May 22 to discuss President Trump’s trade agenda, I had the opportunity to ask him about a number of agriculture trade priorities.... more

Rebuilding corrals, rebuilding a nation

As the fireworks began banging in town Sunday, I was busy tearing out and rebuilding corrals.... more


Handyman Jacks

People develop a morbid relationship with the most unlikely things. ... more



Well, it’s getting close to the longest day of the year and you know what that means? Yep…weeds are taking over the world. ... more



Following the early morning shooting at the June 14 congressional baseball practice, many on Capitol Hill and around the country spent the day in shock over what had transpired.... more


What does ‘green’ mean?... more



I heard a story on the news the other day that said a guy in Arizona has decided to “identify” as a hippopotamus.... more


Sandhill Savior

In the sandhills of Nebraska stands a monument of wills ... more


Financial CHOICE Act: Unleashing greater opportunity

As happens too often when the federal government gets involved, a seemingly well-intentioned bill hastily signed into law in 2010 wreaked havoc on economic opportunity in America. ... more

Cow-calf commentary: Two weeks gone

My Mom and I spent most of the last two weeks on a grand driving vacation. Beginning June 1, we made a big loop, which began and ended in Kimball and passed through nine states.... more


Plan ahead for dad’s day

All right, everybody, I’m giving you ample warning, so don’t blow it this time. You have more than a week, so if you start right now, you can do it right. This year, you can do something really great for Father’s Day.... more


Cleaning Up Messes

Ask yourself “Do you make messes, or clean them up?”... more


Changing the Tone

When I travel the Third District, one of the most common questions I receive from Nebraskans is whether I have hope for Republicans and Democrats to come together and get things done.... more

Life’s just like that sometimes

The little calf who couldn’t get up wasn’t, in the end, able to pull it off.... more


June Holidays

Sometimes at the beginning of a month I like to look up what things that month is celebrating.... more


The Grapevine

What better way to impress his new lady friend, thought Rob, than to take her to his friend’s rancho for an afternoon branding and BBQ? ... more


Our Responsibility to Remember

By the time many of you read this column, Memorial Day barbecues and road trips will be over. ... more


On May 12 I wrote about a calf that was born with a possible brain injury. He’d come on a nice day but he was a big calf out of a second-calver and he came backwards. ... more


College classes with pizzaz

This is the season for graduations and with every graduation there are students who are wondering what to do next. ... more


Just Say No!

Just Say No!... more

Here’s what you owe to the fallen

Memorial Day will be observed on Monday, May 29. This is a day set aside to honor those Americans who have fallen in service to their country.... more


We cannot afford to wait on tax reform

Nebraskans have been waiting far too long for a simpler, fairer tax code. ... more

Cow-calf commentary: Ag and greenhouse gasses

Once again there is a lot of misinformation and incorrect assumptions regarding global warming and agriculture in the news.... more


Ol’ Duffy

Ol’ Duff slept in the bunkhouse in the corner by the wall Nobody slept beside him.... more


A murder, a prickle and a romp?

The other day we were driving down a county road and saw a bunch of big black birds. “There’s a murder,” my husband said. ... more


The facts on the AHCA

Aetna has announced it will exit all Obamacare marketplaces in 2018, citing $700 million in losses since 2014 and leaving Nebraskans with only one insurer on the exchange. ... more


The good weed?

I just read an interesting article about alternative crops and I learned something astonishing.... more


Cow Population

(The following excerpts are from the Oklahoma Livestock Committee meeting on Species Relations. Voting members include beef cows, feedlot steers and dairy cows.)... more


Reflecting on the first 100 Days

The first 100 days of any presidential administration are carefully analyzed as a barometer for future success. If the first 100 days of the Trump administration are any indication, there is much more shaking up the status quo to come.... more

Cow-calf commentary: Calving difficulty

Calving season is winding down.... more


A beef quiz

All right, put on your thinking caps, folks, because in honor of May, I have a little quiz for you.... more


Who’s in Charge?

Sometimes we forget who’s in charge.... more


Beating the Boondoggle

Over the last five years, Nebraska hospitals have lost out on $18.3 million due to a one-sentence Obamacare loophole. ... more

Cow-calf commentary: My cousin Elisa

I hope to meet my cousin Elisa for the first time next month. ... more



Genie noticed the bottle of Jack Daniels on the kitchen table when she got home late that night. Like most lettuce farmers, if whiskey was kept in the house, it was not usually kept on the kitchen table.... more


Storms a'coming

Listen up, everybody, because there’s a blizzard coming…in August.... more

Being part of nature, knowledge or belief

I was talking to a university scientist last spring and the fellow had a lot of astonishing things to say.... more