Smart Technology

I just read that Governor Ricketts and the big wigs down at Lincoln have signed a bill that puts Nebraska on the cutting edge of autonomous vehicles. ... more


I Know You’ll Miss This Man

The Lord spoke to the heavy hearts that stood with hats in hand... more


Rolling back excessive regulations

As your representative, I have fought to reduce burdensome and unnecessary government regulations which disincentivize entrepreneurship and strangle economic growth... more


New Technology

I just read about a cool new technology in cars. ... more


Progress on North Korea

For decades, North Korea has menaced our allies and threatened our interests throughout East Asia with its recklessness and disregard for human li... more


Old-fashioned dads

Some call them persnickety, ... more


Rolling back excessive regulations

As your representative, I have fought to reduce burdensome and unnecessary g... more


All-Natural Headach Remedies

There are a lot of buzzwords these days, and many of them are kind of misleading.... more


Flynt and Frank

Andy and I went down to Williston, Fla., to visit a couple of characters.... more


A strong Farm Bill is good for Nebraska

As many of you know, the House of Representatives recently considered its version of the 2018 Farm Bill, which unfortunately failed to gain enough votes for passage.... more


Sometimes you’re the bug

I heard an old song the other day, it used to be very popular but now it’s considered a classic.... more


Feedlot Cowboy

Let’s put in good word for the feedlot cowboy.... more


Economic Opportunity for All Americans

With tax reform strengthening our economy and incentivizing job creation, we need to help more Americans achieve independence by bringing them off the sidelines and into the workforce.... more


Most ag producers field questions from time to time about what we do and how we do it.... more


Tough English teachers

These days there is something to celebrate every month... more


Border Collie Soliloquy

Just a word about one of the greatest genetic creations on the face of this earth...the Border collie... more


Remembering the fallen

Each year on the last Monday in May we set aside a special time to remember those lost in defense of our great nation. These brave men and women are owed a supreme debt of gratitude by each and every American who enjoys the freedoms afforded by our way of life.... more