College classes with pizzaz

This is the season for graduations and with every graduation there are students who are wondering what to do next. ... more


Just Say No!

Just Say No!... more

Here’s what you owe to the fallen

Memorial Day will be observed on Monday, May 29. This is a day set aside to honor those Americans who have fallen in service to their country.... more


We cannot afford to wait on tax reform

Nebraskans have been waiting far too long for a simpler, fairer tax code. ... more

Cow-calf commentary: Ag and greenhouse gasses

Once again there is a lot of misinformation and incorrect assumptions regarding global warming and agriculture in the news.... more


Ol’ Duffy

Ol’ Duff slept in the bunkhouse in the corner by the wall Nobody slept beside him.... more


A murder, a prickle and a romp?

The other day we were driving down a county road and saw a bunch of big black birds. “There’s a murder,” my husband said. ... more


The facts on the AHCA

Aetna has announced it will exit all Obamacare marketplaces in 2018, citing $700 million in losses since 2014 and leaving Nebraskans with only one insurer on the exchange. ... more


The good weed?

I just read an interesting article about alternative crops and I learned something astonishing.... more


Cow Population

(The following excerpts are from the Oklahoma Livestock Committee meeting on Species Relations. Voting members include beef cows, feedlot steers and dairy cows.)... more


Reflecting on the first 100 Days

The first 100 days of any presidential administration are carefully analyzed as a barometer for future success. If the first 100 days of the Trump administration are any indication, there is much more shaking up the status quo to come.... more

Cow-calf commentary: Calving difficulty

Calving season is winding down.... more


A beef quiz

All right, put on your thinking caps, folks, because in honor of May, I have a little quiz for you.... more


Who’s in Charge?

Sometimes we forget who’s in charge.... more


Beating the Boondoggle

Over the last five years, Nebraska hospitals have lost out on $18.3 million due to a one-sentence Obamacare loophole. ... more

Cow-calf commentary: My cousin Elisa

I hope to meet my cousin Elisa for the first time next month. ... more



Genie noticed the bottle of Jack Daniels on the kitchen table when she got home late that night. Like most lettuce farmers, if whiskey was kept in the house, it was not usually kept on the kitchen table.... more


Storms a'coming

Listen up, everybody, because there’s a blizzard coming…in August.... more

Being part of nature, knowledge or belief

I was talking to a university scientist last spring and the fellow had a lot of astonishing things to say.... more

Cow-calf commentary: Getting back in shape

Toward the end of last summer I developed a bone infection in my left ankle.... more


Time for tax reform

Each year, Tax Day is an unpleasant reality check on how complicated and outdated our tax code has become. Tax reform is next on our legislative agenda, and we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to lessen the burden on American families and businesse... more


Ensuring a strong future for agriculture

Nebraska has a lot to celebrate during National Ag Week. Thanks to the hard work and innovative practices of our farmers and ranchers, the Third District is the top-producing agriculture district in the country.... more

Newborn calves and the energy hard deck

A couple of days ago we had a calf born and he very nearly hit the energy Hard Deck. It shouldn’t have happened. Mama was a healthy cow, the calf had a normal birth, the air temperature was in the 40’s. ... more

Cow-Calf Commentary: Calving stuff

The other day I spent a lot of time looking for and not finding a calf.... more