Guy Language

Men and women are different, everybody knows that. Sometimes they’re so different you might think they came from different planets. ... more


The Day the Ranch Changed Hands

I first met the crew in the bunkhouse the day that we bought the 4 D’s.... more


Balancing the Federal Budget

This week, the House of Representatives considered House Joint Resolution 2, to amend the U.S. Constitution to require a balanced federal budget. This would be an important first step toward rectifying our financial situation because we have a long road ahead if we intend to pay back the more than $21 trillion in debt we currently owe.... more

Cow temperament

As I grabbed the hind leg of a new calf, preparing to weigh, tag and vaccinate it, the cow came at me with a will. Bellowing and snorting, she drove her head into my midsection, flinging me back about 15 feet with the power of 1,000 lbs. of adrenaline-fueled protectiveness.... more

Toxic forbs: Not all that is green is good for livestock

As grass and sedges green up across range and pastureland in the High Plains, so do forbs and shrubs.... more


Banned Words

I just read an interesting article about banned words. It is a list of 40 words that a certain college university wants to ban everybody from using…ever. ... more


Protecting Our Second Amendment Rights

The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution reads, “a well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.... more


A love story

This is a love story. ... more


Specialty Crops

This time of year, you have probably already made a plan. You know what you’re going to grow and where it’s going to go. ... more


Advocating for Nebraska’s Agriculture

Everyone agrees agriculture is important to Nebraska and vital to the U.S. economy. ... more

Blowing the cobs out

Spring is a busy time of year on the ranch.... more


Chocolate Prairie Dogs

Did you know Australia has declared war on the Easter bunny? ... more


Ol’ Buddy

Ernie’s an artist. He’s a rawhide man. He plaits California vaquero style headstalls, romals, reins, reatas and other fancy stuff. When you ride with Ernie you always feel like yer in a parade. ... more


Government by the People

The Nebraska Breakfast is a 75-year old tradition, the longest-running state delegation breakfast of its kind. ... more

Surprises in town and on the ranch

I think I’ve mentioned here before that I took a winter job at a convenience store in Kimball this year.... more

Baby calves and the energy curve

So, what’s this hard deck, and what does it have to do with baby calves and the energy curve? ... more


Dumb Warning Labels

Every so often you hear that people nowadays are being “dumbed down.” ... more


A pox on this column

A man in Wahoo, Neb., said he ate all the eggs he could. ... more


Celebrating National Ag Week

Nebraska agriculture has a great story to tell, and I am proud to represent the top-producing ag district in the country. Because of the dedication and efficiency of our producers, our state plays a leading role in feeding the world.... more


Make it sound good

Next week is National Ag week, a time for “recognizing – and celebrating – the contribution of agriculture in our everyday lives.” ... more



To supplement farm income, some get their wives jobs in town. ... more


Closing the Jobs Gap

One of the most common concerns I hear while traveling the Third District is the roadblocks employers are facing in finding qualified workers. ... more

Colostrum and baby calves

Calving time can be an adventure.... more


March Madness

You’re going to hear a lot about March Madness in the next few weeks. March Madness is a lot of different things to different people. ... more


Jekyll & Hide Cattle Company

He’s kind to his wife when the market goes up... more


Trade crucial to growing economy

The next round of NAFTA negotiations is underway in Mexico City, and I am part of the bipartisan congressional delegation traveling to these talks to stress the importance of this agreement to America’s economic future. ... more

Frozen food, Northern Wedding, more weather folklore, blizzards

Just in case you weren’t paying attention – and let’s face it, you weren’t – March is National Frozen Food Month.... more


In the ruts

One of the most glamorous jobs in farming is hauling and spreading manure.... more


Advice Column

As a fellow veterinarian, I am hoping you can help me. ... more


Calling Third District students

Encouraging Nebraska students to engage with their government is important to the future of our state and country. For young people in the Third District, my office has great opportunities for students of all ages and interests to get involved.... more

On weather and folklore

To the best of our scientific knowledge, humans have been around in their present form for about a million years. ... more


The Big Monster

It’s a grand thing to find out you’re doing something right. It’s an even grander thing to find out you don’t have to change a thing to be cutting edge.... more


The Mountain

Nobody rides the Mountain top when Winter’s locked her jaws.... more


Why I could not support the budget deal

The congressional budgeting process is broken. ... more

Snowdogs howling at the moon

The super blue blood moon eclipse of Jan. 31 was pretty cool. A little bit overhyped – in my opinion – but very cool nonetheless.... more


Super Bowl Trivia

It’s Super Bowl time. ... more


Do-it-yourself kit

This notice was found on the side of a first calf heifer at the sale barn: ... more


Bringing Nebraska to NAFTA negotiations

As I send this week’s column, I am getting ready to board a flight to the NAFTA negotiations in Montreal to advocate for the trade agreement and share its success stories for Nebraska agriculture. ... more

When old becomes new

When I checked in with the interwebs the other day I noticed that a favorite content producer of mine had just uploaded a video to the big, ginormous interweb video service. ... more