Play it safe during harvest

Next week, Sept. 17-23, is National Farm Safety Week. This is good because there are lots of ways to get hurt on a farm. Tractor rollovers, grain suffocation, deadly fumes, goring, electrocution and heatstroke are just a few. ... more


Real results on empowering families

To empower more Americans to lift themselves out of poverty, we need to measure the effectiveness of our welfare programs and focus resources on those producing real results. ... more

A pleasant surprise, it’s chokecherry time

The chokecherries were ready.... more


Other September harvests

Well, harvest time is upon us again. ... more


The Yellow Ribbon

The woman stood in line.... more

Summer season draws to a close

On average we see first frost around Sept.15 on the ranch.... more


Conversations with old farmers

This year marks the 150th anniversary of Nebraska becoming a state.... more



Let’s say a busload of Brazillian soccer players came by your place one fine fall afternoon unexpected and took you on a three-day road trip. ... more


Committee deals with accountability in Congress

On the Ways and Means Committee, I have the opportunity to work directly on growing our economy, creating jobs, and reforming our tax code. I am eager to continue this work, especially as we take on tax reform this fall. ... more

Cow-calf commentary: Goose Summer memories

Goose Summer is a nearly forgotten concept, and that seems a bit ironic when you consider that the term gave us English-speaking folks the word gossamer. ... more


A new kind of cool

I just read a very interesting article about the new rage in pickups. ... more



Betty said her dad had a bull that kept jumpin’ the fence. ... more


Honoring their service

We must uphold our commitment to the men and women who serve in our Armed Forces. ... more

Cow-calf commentary: So quickly September

As noted elsewhere, August was an interesting month, weather wise.... more


The Pig Brigade

If you saw the total eclipse recently you know it was everything they hyped it to be. ... more


NAFTA talks must prioritize U.S. agriculture

Talks began in Washington, D.C., on August 16 among trade officials from the United States, Canada, and Mexico on modernizing the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). ... more

Cow-calf commentary: Eclipse – the day

I have a pretty distinct memory of the last solar eclipse we had, way back in May, 1994.... more


A really big deal

All right everybody, it’s coming like a freight train, so you’d better be ready.... more


The Historic Star Valley Beanfield War

I guess it never would have happened if Raymond hadn’t sold his cows. The Star Valley Beanfield War, I mean.... more


A stronger Social Security

Social Security is a large portion of many Americans’ retirement incomes, and Congress is working on a number of solutions to strengthen the program and increase efficiency for beneficiaries. ... more

Floods and dogs

Our tri-state region of the High Plains is in a solidly semi-arid climatic zone.... more


The Pest Boss

I just read an interesting article about how to grow 300 bushel corn. Apparently in many places they are bored with growing 200 bushel corn and are now going for 300. One of the suggestions they came up with was getting yourself a “Pest Boss”. ... more


Parakeets And Dogs

Most of us who deal with animals on a regular basis are familiar with the books of that well-loved veterinarian and author of All Creatures, Great and Small, James Herriot.... more


Let’s be bold on tax reform

Three decades after President Reagan signed the largest tax reform in our country’s history into law, our tax code is once again desperately in need of a pro-growth overhaul. ... more

On the prairie, nature’s wonder abounds

Across the prairies of the High Plains, Yucca (Yucca glauca) is ubiquitous. It’s just one of about 50 species of the Agave family.... more


Fair is for everyone

Editor’s note: Christy Fredrickson is on a personal hiatus. Her daughter, Jaime Starck, wrote this week’s column.... more


My introduction to Trichomoniasis Foetus

I was the veterinarian for a livestock company in the northwest. ... more


Returning the EPA to its core mission

For too long, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has strayed from its intended purpose and instead has become a red tape factory with little to no accountability. ... more

Cow-calf commentary: Heat and toil

Working on cross fencing has been more than a bit uncomfortable for me this year. I’m recovering from surgery for a bone infection in my left heel, and that had me sitting on my backside for about seven months.... more


Horses kin hurt ya!

Horses kin hurt ya. Sometimes on purpose.... more


The Farmer’s Zodiac

It’s always fun to eat at Chinese restaurants, even if you’re not crazy about Chinese food, because you can find out what kind of animal you are. ... more


Hearing your thoughts on the Farm Bill

Agriculture is the lifeblood of Nebraska’s economy.... more

Guard your credibility

In a world where people increasingly distrust nearly everything, a recent Princeton University survey showed that the American public holds farmers in high esteem.... more



I’m giving you fair warning!... more



Like a good boy I subscribed my mother to one of the papers that carries my column.... more


World won’t wait for U.S. to lead on trade

Nebraska beef is once again being sold in China after the Trump administration negotiated an end to a 14-year ban. ... more

Helping hands

I had a lot of fencing work scheduled last Thursday but it wasn’t to be. Well, actually, some of it was, but only little bits and pieces.... more


Don't forget to smile

If you’re in agriculture, this is a busy time of year.... more



Piojos! Lice! The biting kind. You see ‘em everywhere;... more


Tips for summer travelers

For many Nebraskans, summer means a long-awaited vacation. If you will be leaving the country, your passport should be your first priority.... more

Taking time to appreciate the little things

As I go about my daily chores I tend to focus on tasks at hand. In doing so I’m mostly looking at problems and trying to figure out solutions. ... more


Lasagna awareness

July is many things, it’s summertime, it’s hot, and there are lots of fun and silly things to do and celebrate.... more


White Oaks Rodeo

The Fourth of July weekend means different things to different people. ... more


Happy Independence Day

The U.S. Capitol is an iconic symbol of freedom. ... more

Fill ‘er up, please

The last time I checked, U.S. farmers averaged something like 55 years of age. That being the case, most of the folks who read this will understand what the title refers to.... more



Independence Day is a great holiday. ... more


Balin' Wheat

Early one summer morning, J.T. loaded his good dog, Sam, and headed down to the wheat field. It had been cut and he planned on balin’ some wheat straw as long as it still held the dew.... more


Exploring President Trump’s trade agenda

When U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer appeared before the Ways and Means Committee on May 22 to discuss President Trump’s trade agenda, I had the opportunity to ask him about a number of agriculture trade priorities.... more

Rebuilding corrals, rebuilding a nation

As the fireworks began banging in town Sunday, I was busy tearing out and rebuilding corrals.... more


Handyman Jacks

People develop a morbid relationship with the most unlikely things. ... more



Well, it’s getting close to the longest day of the year and you know what that means? Yep…weeds are taking over the world. ... more



Following the early morning shooting at the June 14 congressional baseball practice, many on Capitol Hill and around the country spent the day in shock over what had transpired.... more


What does ‘green’ mean?... more