The scariest animals of them all

Well, were you scared?  We just had Halloween and a Presidential election within a few days, so there was plenty to be scared of.  And maybe you are sighing in relief, but maybe you are still scared.  Either way, if you happen to be an adrenaline junkie and didn’t get your daily  dose of terror from those two scary events, here’s a few more things to scare you.

I just read an article that lists the most dangerous animals in the country.  It was surprising!  Did you know that the most dangerous animal of all is a deer?  It’s true!  Timid little Bambi and his friends outrank bears, alligators and wolves!  Of course this includes injuries or fatalities from car accidents, but still…I’ll bet you would never have guessed!

Second place on the dangerous animals list are bees, wasps and hornets.  Dogs come in third and horses and cows tie for fourth place.  Fifth place goes to the Black Widow spider.  This means that if you are terrified of Black Widows, relax!  There’s more of a chance of getting kicked by a horse or cow than being bitten by a Black Widow!  Now isn’t that good news?

Here’s something I’ll bet you didn’t know either.   Bears, alligators, mountain lions and sharks are tied for sixth place with the Cone Snail.  What’s a Cone Snail?  It’s a medium-to-large snail that lives in tropical seas.  It has a little barbed tooth which darts out to poke it’s prey, and then injects it with very toxic venom.  Smaller snail pokes are painful to humans, somewhat like a bee sting, but the bigger ones can be fatal.  

Surprisingly, snakes such as rattlesnakes, coral snakes and copperheads are toward the bottom of the list.   Except in Australia, where four of the top ten most dangerous animals are snakes.  

As a matter of fact, America is just about the safest place of all in terms of dangerous animals.  Southeast Asia has to deal with cobras, elephants, tigers and giant hornets.  Africa has five different kinds of extremely venomous snakes, as well as lions, rhinos, hippos and the “Deathstalker Scorpion”.   Kind of makes you glad to be an American, doesn’t it?

So if you want to live dangerously, you can go to Africa or Australia and take your chances with lions, tigers and snakes.   But if you really like living on the edge, take a drive at dusk.  You might meet up with a deer!


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