The Meateaters Club

I just read a news story about a guy who figured out how to deal with Vegans. He copied them.

It seems a lady decided to form a Vegan dinner club at the company where they both worked. She invited people to join this club, which was exclusively for vegans, vegetarians, or pescatarians…whatever that is. The club’s “statement of purpose” forbade other people…such as meat eaters…to join. 

Feeling left out, the meat eater decided to form his own club. He and some other co-workers formed a “burger and steak club,” which went and tried out various restaurants each week. They only allowed meat eaters to join. 

I thought this was very thoughtful of them. After all, a vegan or vegetarian in a steakhouse might feel just a tiny bit out of place. But did those diet-challenged people appreciate that thoughtfulness? NO! The Vegan Club filed a complaint with the company!

So, after a lot of back-and-forth, the Meateaters Club was approved – to the dismay of the Vegan Club. 

You would think that after that, everyone would live happily ever after, eating whatever they wanted. But instead, the lady who formed the Vegan Club refused to speak to the founder of the Meateaters Club.

What? She refused to speak to him? Oh no! What a tragedy! How is he possibly going to survive without hearing a bunch of garbage about how meat is bad for you? How can he go on without being called an animal killer? How can he live without hearing how Vegans are superior to meat eaters?

Poor guy. He’s really going to miss all that. Oh, wait…

I for one applaud the guy and his meat eating friends! Not only for standing up against politically correct stupidity, but also for starting the burger and steak club! What a great idea! A Meateater’s Club could find all the best restaurants with all the very best stuff to eat, from burgers to brisket. 

They’re not putting anyone down. They’re not trying to convert anyone to their way of thinking – the meat does that for you. They’re just a bunch of real people eating what they like. And now, they’re doing it without a lot of flak from the Vegans.

It’s a fact that meat, especially beef, is brain food. It’s got things in it that are especially good for your brain, as well as the rest of your body. I think this Meateater Club guy just proved it – starting that club was a genius thing to do.

And since we meat eaters are so smart, I will leave you with a new vocabulary word. 

A pescatarian is a person who is a vegetarian but who also eats fish and seafood. In other words, they’re halfway there.`


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