Speakeasy Gyms

Remember Prohibition, the time in America when alcoholic beverages were illegal? 

Okay, you probably don’t, since Prohibition was repealed in 1933. 

But during Prohibition, there were all sorts of illegal ways that people got ahold of alcohol. One of these were speakeasies, which were illegal, hidden bars or dance halls where alcoholic beverages were served for high prices. 

What’s with the history lesson? It seems history is repeating itself. I just read an article about “speakeasy gyms.” With all the COVID-19 restrictions, it seems health and fitness are going underground.

In the cities, especially where they are really cracking down with the mask mandates, social distancing and other restrictions, illegal gyms are springing up all over the place…if you just know where to look. 

It seems that gyms are essential to both physical and mental health and, if people can’t go to them legally, they are perfectly willing to do it illegally. 

Since they are already outlaws, the people running the gyms are not bothering to observe COVID restrictions. In a “speakeasy gym,” you will not see masks or social distancing or even people running around sanitizing things every five minutes. In fact, you would probably find a lot of people breaking the “law”…and having a great time doing it.

After all, if you are healthier, you have a better chance of fighting off the disease if you get it. Also, physical exercise is great for mental health. So they figure a little risk is well worth it. And if prices go up a little, so be it. It’s worth every penny.

It seems a lot of personal trainers are also going the outlaw route. Even big-time, expensive trainers are going underground in small, personal gyms with just a few people. Some personal trainers even make house calls because they are truly concerned about their clients. 

Again, they know physical exercise is one of the best ways to fend off lots of diseases, both mental and physical.

If “speakeasy gyms” are popping up, what other industries are going underground due to all these restrictions? Beauty salons, museums, shopping malls, bowling alleys and sporting venues have all been classified as “non-essential.” But I think that’s crazy.

After all, every woman in the world knows, when she looks better, she feels better. If you really want half the population of the world feeling crabby and out of sorts, then by all means shut down the beauty salons. I’ll bet at this moment there are some outlaw beauticians out there making people look and feel better. Those rogues.

And with so many kids and parents staying home, what better way to get an education than at a museum? Museums are essential to knowing your history, so you aren’t doomed to repeat it.

Bowling alleys and sporting events are a form of relaxation and escape for people who want to do something besides think about the stupid Coronavirus. In my opinion they are essential for mental health. And they’re essential for the financial health of the people who run them.

It might be tough to take museums or bowling alleys underground, but if things don’t shape up soon, we might be hearing about “speakeasy salons” or “speakeasy football games.” 

Because as Prohibition proved, no matter what the government says, if people want something bad enough, they’re going to get it.


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