Raw water


Did you ever hear of “raw water?” It’s the new health food fad this year. 

The people selling the stuff say it leads to better oxygenation of cells, enables super effective detoxification and even reverses the aging process. 

That’s right, it actually reverses the aging process. It makes you quit getting older. All that from good ol’ water – what a deal. 

But wait a minute. What the heck is this miracle stuff? Simple. It’s water that hasn’t been treated. It’s straight out of nature, with everything in it that nature put there…such as bacteria, dirt, manure, dead fish and rotten plants. 

Yep, the newest “health” fad is to drink water that killed people in the bad ol’ days. After all, three of the worst diseases that killed people back in the pioneer days were typhoid, dysentery and cholera. All three could be caught from drinking bad water. 

Thankfully, we live in modern times with modern water treatment plants that kill all that stuff before we drink the water. But they are still a menace to people in third world countries. 

So, what’s the deal? Why would they want to go back to drinking bad water when we’ve spent generations figuring out how to get away from it? Easy. Follow the money. 

The company that sells raw water sells it for $16.00 for 2 ½ gallons. That’s more expensive than treated water.  It’s more expensive than milk. Heck, it’s even more expensive than gasoline. 

The company claims they searched for years to find the perfect raw water and finally found it some place in Oregon. More likely they searched for years to find a way to make lots of money off plain old water.

The bad thing about raw water is that it’s just like raw milk or raw juice or any of those other food fads that have come and gone. These idiots push this stuff onto people who don’t know better, who will buy anything if it’s called “natural,” and then…big surprise…people get sick.  

I know that some people say, “I want things to be natural because I don’t want to put a bunch of chemicals in my body.” But come on, people. Weren’t you listening in school when they taught about “good chemicals” and “bad chemicals?” Didn’t they teach you to use your head? Didn’t you know that chemicals can make the difference between life and death? 

Still, if someone wants to shell out big money for bad water, that’s their right. And it’s my right to call it stupid.

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