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Dinklage Feed Yard adds new mill

TORRINGTON, Wyo. – In December, Dinklage Feed Yard fired up its new mill with twice the capacity for feed output at its property east of Torrington.

Operations Manager Rondel Carman has worked at the commercial feed yard since 1993 – four years before Dinklage took over the property from Torrington Feeders.

“We’ve had a feed mill all along, we just built a new one – a larger one … it’s got the capacity to produce about twice as many tons of feed a day than what we did have, but we didn’t add cattle – we still have 18,000 head,” Carman

Contractors from Gering, Neb., including R&C Welding, Paul Reed Construction, and Robinson Electric, began construction on the new mill in April 2018.

“We don’t own all the cattle here,” Carman said. “Customers basically hire us to finish their cattle.

“Dinklage would love to expand this yard, but are there any plans? No,” he continued. “There are some hopes to add a few head of cattle. Nothing more than routine-type stuff.

We built a feed mill large enough to expand, but there are
no plans.”

Dinklage also owns feed yards in Sidney, Neb., and Proctor and Fort Morgan, Colo.

“Torrington’s … loyal and dedicated employees are the true reason the Torrington division is one of Dinklage’s most aggressive yards,” according to the company’s website.

For more information, call the Torrington yard at (307) 532-4094 or stop by 5596 U.S. Highway 26 in Torrington.

“We built a nice new feed mill, and we built it with local contractors,” Carman said. “We make our living feeding cattle and giving them the very best care that
we can.”


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