October is my favorite color

I heard a quote the other day that said, “October is my favorite color.” I don’t know who said it, I agree with it, because October is reliably gorgeous. But just what color is October anyway? Many people say that it’s orange, because there are lots of orange pumpkins, orange chrysanthemums and that beautiful orange harvest moon. But I think October is yellow. 

Everybody knows that with traffic signals, green means go, red means stop and yellow is a warning. Just look around right now and you see lots of yellow. Yellow in the trees, yellow in the fields, weeds are yellow, and that big ol’ harvest moon can be yellow as often as it’s orange. But the reason I think October is yellow is because October is a warning. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that winter is on its way, since just a few weeks ago we were cussing the 100-degree heat. But it is. Winter is coming, and the yellows of October are warning us. 

October says, loud and clear, “Hey. It’s nice now, but here’s your warning. Get that winter stuff done while it’s nice or you’ll be sorry.” October sounds a lot like your mom.

Of course, it’s also harvest time, so you might be a tiny bit busy, but you’d better heed the warning anyway. Drain the pivots. Put away the pipe. Winterize the sprayers. Put anti-freeze in everything. Empty the hoses. Order propane. Fix the roof. And get a new work coat, because your old one was so ratty your wife threw it out last spring. 

And just in case you aren’t heeding the warning colors, October also reminds us with temperatures. But it’s polite about it. It’s a gentle warning. Mornings are downright cold, but afternoons are lovely. It’s saying “Get ready.” and then giving us time to get ready.

Of course, not every October is so benevolent. Some years it comes in cold and wet and nasty and pretty much stays that way all month. This is when October forgets what it is supposed to be and thinks it’s December. Nobody likes an October that thinks it’s December, because then December doesn’t know quite what to do and it just throws off the whole year. But most of the time October behaves and is gracious and gorgeous.

So anyway, here we are in the middle of October, and if you just look around, you can see warning signs all over the place. They are beautiful warning signs, but warning signs just the same. 

So, take heed. Get your winterizing done while it’s nice, but take time to enjoy October, because it’s the most beautiful color of the year.


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