NWS says winds to blow in rain

CHEYENNE – Meteorologists at the National Weather Service station in Cheyenne expects high winds and chances of rain this week and into the weekend.

Meteorologists at the NWS expect chances of light snowfall towards Lusk and Harrison and to the northeast from there. NWS expects the same chances of slight snowfall in Arlington, but no snow east of there for the next seven to 10 days. 

An active pattern of rain and wind is headed this with winds beginning Wednesday and rain headed in Wednesday night. The NWS expects high gusts of wind Thursday and into the weekend, but Friday and Saturday will see clear skies until Saturday when the rain is expected to return.

Temperatures look to be leaning slightly above normal for the next week to two weeks before cooling down into what residents usually see this time of year, which is usually in the high 30s and the low 40s. The NWS says the next six to 10 days will show the average amount of precipitation for this time of year before heading into what could possibly be below average rates of precipitation.

Meteorologists expect no major winter storm impact in the coming week for this region with slight chances of snow in higher elevations, up to three to six inches. Roads conditions should remain safe despite rain and the chance of below-freezing temperatures during the night. Meteorologists at the NWS do not foresee any issues regarding air quality in the coming week.

High winds blowing into the area could bring with them the possibility of hazardous driving conditions and threat to property and life. Always pay close attention to NWS weather warnings when they are sent out. High winds have proved to be capable of taking down power lines, damaging homes and other structures, obstructing drivers’ views and causing other hazardous situations. While the winds expected to blow in this weekend may not blow houses down, they can still impact driving and farming conditions.

Historically, November tends to be a drier month as far as precipitation goes, with most of Wyoming and Nebraska’s precipitation falling earlier in the year in the late spring, usually May and June. In the last 20 years, the average temperature for November has been 36.3 degrees Fahrenheit, with the average low being 24.5 degrees Fahrenheit and the average high 48.1 degrees Fahrenheit.


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