Naked Gardening Day

Well, it’s nearly May, so we all know what that means. Farmers and ranchers all over the place are busy, even busier than usual, disking, calving, tilling, spraying, sorting, planting, and getting ready to irrigate. It’s May. That’s what we do. 

But if you are humming along, working flat out and minding your own business and happen to see a naked person trimming a hedge, don’t freak out. I’m warning you now that May 1 is Naked Gardening Day. 

Naked Gardening Day was dreamed up by a bunch of nudists, and somehow, they got some gardeners on board with it too. Some of the reasons they give for having a special day for gardening naked is: “bare, unabashed recreation, the benefits of an all over tan, and extra vitamin D.” 

They don’t seem to publicize the drawbacks of naked gardening, though, which are bug bites in tender places, the agonies of an all over sunburn, and extra people driving past your garden, laughing.

So, although it’s become a worldwide thing, Naked Gardening Day probably won’t become mainstream. And we’re all grateful for that.

However, if you happen to be a secret naked gardener, you might like to know that there are a few guidelines out there to make your secret naked day a little more fun. 

No. 1. First of all, don’t plant roses. The reason is simple. Roses have thorns. Enough said.

No. 2. Be very careful with power tools. Hedge trimmers have been known to ruin a few naked gardening days.

No. 3. Wear sunscreen. Everywhere. And reapply often. Everywhere.

No. 4. Get used to a day without your cell phone. Unless you can find a way to wear it on your head.

No. 5. Have thick skin. This is not to avoid sunburn or thorns or even power tool injuries. It’s because if anybody sees you, they are going to laugh. They might gasp first, but then they are going to laugh. And since the whole reason of Naked Gardening Day is for fun, that’s okay. 

Because they didn’t say it was only fun for the gardeners!

So, if you’re a busy farmer or rancher, carry on! 

But if you’re a gardener, and you decide to participate in Naked Gardening Day, have fun! But if you do, don’t be surprised if you have a steady stream of tractors going past your place!



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