Make your own Holiday

Popcorn, Pizza, Pasta

Pretzels, Pork and Seafood too

Pears and Pineapples,

Cookies and Caramels

Oh! The things that we can do!

If you have no idea what all these things have in common, it’s simple…it’s October!

October is the month we celebrate popcorn, pizza, pasta, pretzels, pork, etc. etc. etc.

Now maybe this doesn’t mean anything to you. Maybe you celebrate popcorn, pizza, pasta and whatever else you like all year round and you don’t need some stupid calendar to tell you what to celebrate.

But maybe you are into all those national days, weeks and months of Whatever. Maybe you know that October is also the month designated to celebrate Polish Americans, stamp collecting and repairing your toilet tank. Yes, it gets downright ridiculous.

So where did all these National Days, Weeks and Months come from anyway? The US only recognizes 10 national holidays. They’re the biggies, such as Christmas, Easter and the 4th of July. Then you have government sanctioned national observances. I believe the only difference is that on a national holiday most everybody gets the day off. On national observances, they don’t.

Sometimes these national days are created by presidential proclamation or a Congressional resolution. An example of this is when President Ronald Reagan proclaimed July 9 National Ice Cream Day. This was the proclamation that proved he was a great president. Oh, and also bringing down the Berlin wall…

The thing is that proclamations like this are meant to be a one-time deal. Reagan didn’t mean for it to get on calendars forever. But ice cream shops all over the country kept it going for obvious reasons!

You don’t have to be the President to make up days, though. A social media consultant from Alabama started out creating a calendar about food, but ran out of real food events. He admits to making up Tater Tot Day, National Whiskey Day and others simply to fill up the rest of his calendar!

So really, anybody can make up any day and celebrate it, even if it’s weird. Celebrate deep fried Twinkies, or peanut butter and pickle sandwiches. We just finished irrigation season, so circle a day on the calendar to celebrate draining pivots and pulling check boards! The point is to celebrate something. 

But be careful, you don’t want to get so busy celebrating all the goofy holidays that you forget about the big ones. Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny would be very disappointed.


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