Jones Ag Corp captures S-A-Y award

TORRINGTON – A Goshen County agriculture corporation was among those honored during the annual Steer-A-Year Program competition Awards Dinner at the University of Wyoming Sept. 23. Jones Ag Corp. of Torrington was recognized for its top performing steer.
The local steer, with an initial weight of 500-600 pounds, was honored for having the Greatest Net Increase in Value.
Jeff and Marty Jones now head the family’s corporation, which was created by their parents, Chuck and Eleanor Jones of Huntley.
“We were pleased with the result,” Jeff Jones said Monday, Oct. 9, during a telephone interview. “We’ve been involved in the program from the beginning. Our father, Chuck, got us started in it, and we’re one of the few operations in Wyoming that have been involved from the beginning.”
Jones said steers donated by local producers used to be collected at the Jones place, and were fed at the Petsch ranch near Meriden. They are now collected at Torrington Livestock in Torrington.
“We’ve enjoyed doing it, and plan to be part of the program as long as it keeps going,” Jones said.
Other local contributors include Lex and Shawn Madden, Bailey Schaneman, Jim Lippincott, Grant Jones, Paul Miller, George Ochsner and Sons, Lowell Kautz, Dudley Booth, Terry and Whitne Lofink, and Platte Valley Bank/Joe Guth.
Another area entry earned Greatest Initial Value. The steer was donated by Loren, Robyn, Logan and Heather Heth of Lusk.
Other categories and winners are: Best Rate fo Gain (Initial weight of 500-600 pounds) Hampton Ranch, Ten Sleep; Best Rate of Gain (Initial weight of 601-701 pounds) Six Iron Ranch, Shoshoni; Best Rate of Gain (Initial Weight 701+ pounds) Dunmire Ranch, McFadden; Greatest Net Increase in Value (Initial weight of 600-700 pounds) Cobb Cattle Company, Savery; Greatest Net Increase in Value (Initial weight of 701+ pounds) Fox Ranches, Kemmerer; Greatest Carcass Value (Finished in May/June) Dow Ranch, Sheridan; Greatest Carcass Value (Finished early) Shively Hardware, Saratoga.
Boxelder Ranch of Ten Sleep, was selected Newcomer of  the Year, and Wally Wallace of Worland was named Volunteer of the Year for his recruiting efforts.
Established in 1995, the S-A-Y Program supports scholarships for approximately 90 University of Wyoming student-athletes who have graduated from Wyoming high schools in addition to providing financial support to the UW Rodeo Team and Animal Science
Judging teams.
If the steers are heavy enough to be finished by the end of June, they will be fed and sold to a commercial packer with carcass data collected and returned to the donor. Out of the 135 head entered this past year, 107 head were fed to finish while the balance were sold in the spring as grass cattle.
A recently added feature of the S-A-Y Program is a Memorial Division. Family or friends of deceased Cowboy and Cowgirl fans can donate a steer in their memory.
Anyone can participate in the program. In addition to giving a physical steer, for a minimum of $200 (or more), a person can become a feed donor. Non-farmers or ranchers will also buy a steer and enter it in the program. In addition to a tax deductible donation, there may be ticket priority and parking benefits for
athletic events.


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