How tough are you

If you were unarmed and got in a fight with a rat, could you beat it? What about an eagle? What about a grizzly bear?

I just read about this goofy survey that someone took, asking people how tough they thought they’d be against various animals. It seems that most people thought they could take a rat, assuming he would stand and fight, but only a few people thought they could beat a grizzly.

That’s right, not just survive a fight with a grizzly bear, but actually BEAT it. So, the natural next question is, who are these idiots and what makes them think they could do it?

Now and then you hear about someone who survives a grizzly attack, and if they happen to have some sort of weapon with them, occasionally they will kill the bear. But usually these are big, strong, athletic guys who have some sort of special training, such as being a Navy SEAL or an MMA fighter. Regular Joes who are unlucky enough to get in a fight with a grizzly rarely come out on top.

Yet in this survey, 8% of the people surveyed thought they could beat a grizzly – unarmed. This same 8% also thought they could beat a gorilla, an elephant or a lion. Now, maybe there’s some secret group of fighters that practice by wrestling bears and lions. But people being what they are, it’s probably some delusional idiots who have never even seen a real live grizzly bear, let alone a gorilla, elephant or lion. 

So, that part of the survey was simply a glimpse of how some people are downright crazy, which we all knew. But another part of the survey was pretty interesting.

Most people, more than 50%, thought they could beat a rat, a house cat, a medium-sized dog or a goose. These people are much more realistic than the grizzly people, but they’d still have a heck of a fight on their hands. After all, have you ever tried to give a cat a bath? Or for that matter, a goose?

A few less people, 10-30%, thought they could beat an eagle, a large dog, a king cobra or a wolf. Just imagine, for every 100 people you meet, 10-30 of them think they could beat a king cobra or a wolf – unarmed. Again, they’re either highly trained fighting machines or crazy as pet coons.

So, what do you think? Could you beat a rat? A cat? An elephant? Or are you like me, amazed at how many lunatics there are out there? Not just the ones who think they can beat up a grizzly bear, but the ones who do these nutty surveys! 



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