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October is National Pork Month, so you know what that means? Party with pork. Whoo hoo. And just to add to the festivities, I have lots of fun facts about pork and pigs so you can share them at your next barbeque.

WHAT? You don’t think pork can be fun and exciting? Well, you’re about to find out differently. First, the fun facts:

Fun fact No. 1: The average American will eat the equivalent of 28 pigs in their lifetime. This sounds like it was just made up, but it was on the Internet so it has to be true. Besides, when you start thinking about all the ribs, chops, ham, bacon and sausage you have enjoyed in your life, it’s probably about right. Of course, if the pork producers had their way, the average American would eat double that.

Fun fact No. 2: Pork tenderloin cuts are almost as lean as skinless chicken breasts. When they call it “the other white meat”, they mean it. There is very little difference between the calories and nutrition value in pork tenderloin and a chicken breast. So if you have been avoiding pork because you thought it was fattening, now you know you were wrong.

Fun fact No. 3: Ham is the number one type of sandwich eaten in U.S. households. This is quite impressive when you think that Ham had to go up against turkey, cheese and peanut butter. Bacon was a top contender, too. 

Fun fact No. 4: In Denmark, there are twice as many pigs as people. But even though they have a lot of pigs, Denmark is not one of the top three pork producing nations. China is number one, followed by the U.S and Germany. In America, the top three pork producing states are Iowa, Illinois and Minnesota. 

Fun fact No. 5: Pigs can run up to 11 miles per hour. That’s a seven-minute mile. But it does not happen often because they keep stopping to eat, drink or rest. In my opinion, this is how a mile should be run. 

So, there you go, five fun facts to impress your friends while you grill your chops or fry your bacon. And any time you can impress your friends while chowing down on pork, life is definitely good.


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