Committee advances Corrections Reform package

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LINCOLN, Neb. – Today, the Judiciary Committee advanced LB 841 – the Committee’s priority legislation dealing with Nebraska’s adult criminal justice system – to General File. LB 841 as amended by AM 2092 includes a number of bills that work to improve the adult criminal justice system by focusing on adjustments to the policies, procedures, and operations of the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services and the Nebraska Board of Parole and Office of Parole Administration. 

LB 841 as amended includes the following bills, some of which have been amended in part: LB 841, as amended by AM 2092; LB 366; LB 692, as amended; LB 816; LB 852, as amended; LB 853, as amended; LB 868; LB 932; and LB 1118. 

The Chair of the Judiciary Committee, Sen. Laura Ebke, said the bill reflects many of the past recommendations of multiple special committees of the Nebraska legislature tasked with reviewing the system and identifying opportunities for reforms that will improve public safety and address systemic challenges identified over the past several years. 

“The Committee has worked hard to structure LB 841 in a way that acknowledges the reality of where we’re at with our corrections system, while also tailoring the proposal to ensure the safety of the public and to ensure that the Director and Parole have flexibility in implementing the changes,” Ebke said.

“I was glad to see Governor Ricketts write in his weekly column a little over a week ago about the important corrections reforms the Legislature and the administration have prioritized over the last few years,” she said. “Prison reforms that adequately protect public safety while addressing the safety of those who work in our prisons are paramount to the positive future of our criminal justice system and our state.”

The Committee submitted a Memorandum to members of the Legislature, the Governor, the Director of the Department of Correctional Services, and the Chair of the Board of Parole, detailing the bills included in the package, the amendments made to the individual proposals, and the bases for the Committee’s decision to incorporate each bill into LB 841.

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