Cody’s Adventurous Travels of Nebraska Towns visits western Nebraska

Anna Teghtmeyer/Special to the Farmer Cody Sperl poses for a picture outside the mixing bowl in Gering, Neb during his visit to the area. Cody’s mission is to visit every incorporated town in Nebraska.

SCOTTSBLUFF—What began as a simple love for travel has become something more: a mission to visit every incorporated town in Nebraska.

The idea came from a conversation with his brother during Christmas of 2016.

“We’ve always been into the traveling,” said Cody Sperl. “But the whole comprehension of like visiting all these counties and stuff for some reason it never really hit me and my brother just started talking about it. He said, ‘Wouldn’t it be kind of cool, Cody?’ and then I just picked it up and I said yes, that’s a great idea.”

Cody also mentioned that travelling helped him cope with the passing of his father. “The year before he passed away when he was struggling, this whole traveling thing was a way to relieve stress.” Said Sperl. “It was just a really tough time. And doing this traveling theme was kind of like a healing process. It really was. And then especially after my dad died, so my dad died during St. Patrick’s Day week of 2018. Then I continued my traveling and it was almost just like a healing method.”

When Cody began the Facebook page, he did not realize how popular it would become. “The actual website was not operated in 2016. It took a little time. I even think about the idea till two years later. So, I think it was in September of 2018.” Said Sperl. “And then it just started really developing this maybe a little slow the first, maybe two, three months. And then it just started to really go up in followers.” Right now, the page has over 10,300 followers.

Sperl said, “This was not expected. I thought in the two and a half years around the site. Starting today, I would have half that maybe four or 5000, not 10,000.” Cody also loves hearing from his followers and it means a lot to him. Followers have let Cody know just how much it means to them as well.

During his visit to the area, Cody visited Ogallala, Lewellen, Oshkosh, Lisco, Bridgeport, Courthouse and Jail Rocks, Chimney Rock, Wildcat Hills, Bayard, McGrew, Lake Minatare, Carhenge, Alliance, Riverside Park, and Scotts Bluff National Monument. 

Cody has been doing this for four and a half years now. His hope is to eventually work for the state of Nebraska. He also hopes to publish a book in the long term. When he visits a location, he posts several pictures with some history about the photos on his Facebook page, Cody’s Adventurous Travels of Nebraska Towns. He does this in his free time and spends his own money during each trip. He tries to spend more than 30 minutes at each location and eat at local restaurants. Cody has currently visited over 440 communities. Cody hopes to make it back to the area in the future to visit more of the area.


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