CBD springs up in the Panhandle

SCOTTSBLUFF – CBD oil is growing in popularity with new research studies being conducted every day. Shops and products containing CBD are popping up everywhere including our area. 

CBD oil is just one of the many cannabinoids that can be extracted from hemp plants. The CBD oil contains phytocannabinoids which are consumed cannabinoids. The oil works with the endocannabinoid system in the body. This system is for managing homeostasis within your body.

CBD oil has three main divisions: isolates, broad spectrum, and full spectrum.

Isolates focus on a specific cannabinoid while broad spectrum features all the cannabinoids that can be extracted from the plant minus THC. Full spectrum products contain the entire plant extract.

Oil is not the only type of CBD product out there. Topicals and gummies are among the more common product variations. Some shops are also carrying CBD products for pets.

While CBD has shown several positive qualities, consumers should still be wary. Garrett Dermer, Owner of Hemp Hearts said, “Everyone wants a piece of the pie and because there is no regulation with the FDA right now, there’s a lot of companies out there that aren’t carrying a high quality product.”

Michelle Hoehn, Manager at Agri-Leaf said, “One of the frustrating things is there’s no regulation and there’s no assurance for people buying the product that it is what is and they’re getting what they bought.”

 “It’s a legal gray area in Nebraska,” said Cristin Reese, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Animal Health Center. “Most vets aren’t going to put their license on the line to go out and carry it, recommend it prescribe it at this point. I would definitely use caution.” 

“Always, always, always ask for lab analysis,” Heather Collins, Owner of KB Natural Alternatives said. Legitimate, good pure companies will have this right there for you to look at.”

Education is an important point for the shops and store owners. “That’s a big focus of ours, not only with the CBD products, but just to let them know the difference. We have the educational posters. We’re willing to just sit and talk with anybody that is willing to listen,” Hoehn said. 

Regulation is slow going, but progress is being made. Santana Tamarak of Tamarak’s Wellness Center said, “Now that it’s being loosened up a bit we’re going to begin over the next few years to see a broader range of information and testing and experimentation as far as clinics and scientific experimentation done on the CBD products.” 

All of the shop owners stated that for the time being it was important to do your research, as the majority of CBD products currently lack FDA approval.


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