Balancing the crazy

Is anyone else thinking, like I am, that the whole wide world has gone stark, raving crazy? How many times in recent history have you gone to grocery stores, even Wal Mart, and seen EMPTY shelves…not just a few, but lots of empty shelves? How many times have you seen people FIGHTING over toilet paper? When have you seen two people buy 18 THOUSAND bottles of hand sanitizer? Just in case you weren’t aware, this is a moment in history that won’t be forgotten soon, and the lunacy is the part that we will remember the most.

But thanks be to God, craziness is not the only thing that’s going on during this crisis. In fact there are LOTS of people who are doing the opposite of crazy. People are checking on their neighbors and helping their friends. People are going to work and doing their jobs even if they are worried about their families. People are still making the world go round. So although there are probably some I’ve forgotten, I’d like to give a big THANKS to these people, who are balancing out the crazies.

GROCERY STORE PEOPLE: They are working extra hours to clean and restock just so people can come in and buy forty packages of toilet paper…and some milk. 

TEACHERS: With schools closed until further notice, teachers are going to heroic lengths to make sure that kids continue to learn. Often it means extra hours and extra effort.

TRUCKERS & WAREHOUSE PEOPLE: When the grocery stores run out of everything, they desperately order more. The warehouse people fill the orders and the truckers get them to the stores. Often people don’t think about HOW those shelves magically get filled again, but it takes people like these, doing their jobs.

MEDICAL & LAB PEOPLE: Doctors, nurses, EMT’s,…everyone who is in health care finds themselves on the front line, and they are working hard to cope, even when they’re not sure just what they’re coping with. But once the tests are taken, do they disappear into space? No, they go to the labs, where lab people work their tails off to get the results back so people can take the next step to recovery. 

POST OFFICE, PACKAGE HANDLERS: Have you noticed? You’re still getting your mail, and those FedEx and UPS trucks are still running all over the place. In fact, they’re probably running more trucks for longer hours, because of all the people staying home and ordering stuff online. 

POLICE & FIREMEN: Even when the whole world is upside down, there are still criminals, still fires, still things going on that need cops and firemen. They’re still out there, doing their jobs, even if it sometimes means breaking up fights over toilet paper.

So even if it seems like the world has lost its collective mind, don’t lose heart! Keep your head! Do what’s right and don’t panic! For every nut job out there, there is someone else doing what’s right. Be thankful they are there to balance out the crazy.


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